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Some Characteristics of Good Teams

These points are taken from:  Zeus, P., and Skiffington, S. (2001). The complete guide to coaching at work. McGraw-Hill Publishing, Rosedale, NSW.

“While each team has its own unique characteristics, there are several features common to all successful, high-performing teams.  These include:

  1. Common purpose: a clear course and a sense of direction provide context and guide the team’s actions.
  2. Clear and specific goals: have an action plan in place and strategies to achieve the goals.
  3. Each member understands and is competent at his or her position: members have complimentary skills such as technical expertise, decision-making skills, and good interpersonal skills.
  4. Open communication channels: information and learning is shared among team members.  Communication is timely, clear and focused on the strategic goals of the organisation.
  5. Members support and encourage each other.
  6. Flexibility: able to rotate members to other positions, a sharing or shifting of leadership positions.
  7. Know and utilise each member’s strengths and know their weaknesses.
  8. Mutual trust: share knowledge, experience and ideas on how the team can function more effectively.  Individuals collaborate rather than compete.
  9. Mutual accountability for team results: share the glory, do not apportion blame when things go wrong.  Team members can also work as a team while apart, and can contribute to a sequence of activities rather than a common task that requires their presence in one place at one time.
  10. Consistency: members can work and perform to their potential on a consistent basis.”

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