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Designing Conversations


  • Practice conversations to get key people on board.
  • Use Invitational Leadership framework
  • Be clear on:
    • Intention of conversation
    • Intention of course of action (specific)
    • What exactly is being proposed or requested
    • What’s in it for them (heart and mind!)
    • Is there any room for them to counter-offer the proposal (or even just decline it! – if so, consequences must be clear).
  • Tailor the conversation to the majority of your likely innovators / early adopters, and be ready to then tweak the conversation for those who need something else.  Eg some you will pitch detail to, others just an overall picture / vision.  Some you will pitch logic to, for others you will go through feelings.
  • What concerns do you have regarding having the conversations, and what is there to do about them?  (Include really getting the concerns expressed by staff in response to the proposals so that people really experience being heard – that way, many of the concerns will just go away!)
  • Notice if you have already decided how the conversation will go.  That will mean that it is rehearsed, people will not really be engaged or ‘on board’, and could feel dismissed or manipulated.   This can also show where you have made a decision about that person that does you and them a dis-service.  Then, there is just to do the work to find out what their motivators are, and really work with that!
  • How do you usually produce the outcome YOU want in a conversation?  (eg bombard them with facts, nice them into submission)  Will these strategies work?  Will they get in the way?  How else can you have these conversations?
  • How can you have it become ‘their’ idea by the end of the conversation?
  • Who will be your allies – who is already bucking the limitations of the current system and looking for more?  How can you harness that?

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