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Leadership Styles


  • What are your leadership styles?  What are your strengths / weaknesses here?  How will you use these / be responsible for these?  How could you extend your leadership styles to extend your sphere of influence?
  • “Invitational Leadership” (Novak 2008):
    • Intentional invitation…tailored to the heart and mind of the invitee, with a very clear intention for the purpose and outcome.
    • Intentional disinvitation…makes sure they do NOT participate!
    • Unintentional invitation…good-natured, but not well considered.
    • Unintentional disinvitation… no intention for harm, but turns people off.
  • Emotionally-intelligent leadership (Goleman et al. 2002) – work with what motivates and is important to people.  If you find this and work with it authentically, you can bring anyone on board!
  • Context – tapping into talent!  Do people experience being known for, and having the opportunity to use and develop their talents?
  • Necessary foundation for leadership: trustworthiness and trust.  With these in place, then empowerment is possible.  If you do not experience being able to empower people, look for where trustworthiness / trust are missing.  Addressing / resolving these will give (or restore) access to empowerment.

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