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Kotter (2007) “Leading programs for change”

Kotter, J.P. (2007).  Leading change: why transformational efforts fail. The tests of a leader.  Best of HBR.  Harvard Business Review. pp. 96 – 103.

1.  Establish a great enough sense of urgency for change, and create an active cooperation within the group for this,

2. Create a powerful guiding coalition – a leadership team to empower and enable this change (these are your formal and informal leaders).  Design together what it would look like, in reality (conversations, structures, practices etc) to successfully implement this.

3. Create a vision that communicates powerfully – quickly, easily, evocatively, that appeals to all the group members (practice delivering this!),

4. Create and plan for short-term wins (make sure these wins are acknowledged and celebrated appropriately!,

5. Consolidate improvements, and

6. Institutionalise the new approaches.

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