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What is coaching?

Coaching is beyond problem-solving.  It is used to expand skills and create workable, balanced ways of operating.  The coach will have you recognising, examining, and challenging self-limiting beliefs, your values, your vision, and your purpose so that you are empowered in fulfilling these.  They will partner you in producing results that make a difference to you and your organisation.

Knowledge is power.  Power is the ability to do work, or to perform.  So it must follow that the key to elevating performance is knowledge.  But, it must be the right kind of knowledge!  Coaching is a structure that can provide a powerful access to the kind of knowledge and knowing that actually makes a difference.  It does so through questioning.

The coach will observe patterns, question, engage you in the questioning and enquiring, and design new openings for action,  The coach will have straight conversations with you, and train you to deal with the facts as distinct from their interpretations.

The result is that your effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling what’s important to you will elevate.  Individual performance improves, confidence is elevated, relationships are strengthened, staff satisfaction and retention are impacted, bottom-line results are impacted, greater client service is provided, and a competitive edge is accomplished; all of which are sourced in an elevation of the expression of leadership in the organisation (Coife and Hutton 2002).

The return on investment is both tangible and intangible.  The financial benefit of coaching can easily be up to six times that of its cost (Stephenson 2000).  Staff promoted to leadership positions can be fully operational in half the time when provided with professional partnership.  Staff turn-over can be significantly reduced, also reducing costs of an organisation.

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