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Who we work with


  • School Principals,
  • Assistant Principals,
  • Leading Teachers,
  • Heads of Department,
  • Human Resource Management departments, and
  • Student Leadership Programs,

using executive coaching, consulting, mentoring and talent management expertise to partner you in producing extraordinary results, and to leave you with the tools to keep expanding your and your team’s capacity, and performing at your best.

We do this because of our dual intention:

  1. to have educational organisations and the people in them operating at their best, and
  2. that our up-and-coming generations of students have the very best environment, resources, training and development available to equip them to deal with the challenges that face our society and the level of thinking that will be required to do this to the best of their ability.


“If you want to impact student results, the best leverage is to go to work on the style, method and quality of school management and leadership.”  (Day et al. 2008)

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