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Why we do this

“We are starting to ask bigger questions about the goals of education, and about how we are preparing our next generations.  We are in a time that requires us to embrace levels of innovation and creativity that are essential to advance knowledge economies, and simultaneously, to embrace the level of ecological awareness that is integral to education for sustainable development.  How do we support ourselves and our students to be effective in this kind of environment?  Do our educational organisations and staff members have the knowledge, resources, and capacity to provide this, and operate in this manner?” (Hames 2007)

Ultimately, our intention here is to support educational organisations in operating at their best.  This intention has its own two-fold intention:

1) to have staff operating at their best and  thriving on what they are doing,  and

2) creating a living legacy of students who are equipped not only to deal with the ‘unprecedented and escalating challenges of the times‘ (Hames 2007), but also to fulfill on what’s important to them.  A world populated by people who are so equipped and who are fulfilling on what’s important to them, caused by our generations operating likewise now, is the intention of our work.

We intend that all staff have what they need to excel under the unprecedented circumstances and challenges of the times, with constant demand to do more with less, and that they have what they need to train and support the new generations of students to do likewise.

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